Capture Image


If you want a screenshot and have it edited, you can use 'Capture Image'. For example you want to have a picture of a part of the Outlook ribbon.

  1. Start Help Capture either
    • through the Help Capture tray menu
      1. In the tray, click on Help Capture.
      2. The menu appears
      3. Select 'Image to Clipboard'
    • or press the corresponding hotkey (Ctrl F10).
    A red rectangle appears indicating the currently selected area, which equals the window your mouse cursor currently is above.
  2. Select capture area.
    1. Move the mouse to select a window which equals the area you want to capture. selected area
    2. If necessary because the window does not exactly match the area you want to capture, drag the borders
  3. Capture by pressing the [PrtScn] button on the keyboard
  4. An image of the selected area is now available in Paint - or another image editor you specified in the Options form.
  5. Make changes to the image, such as
    • adding a balloon with text
    • adding an arrow to draw the user's attention to a certain part of the screenshot

result captured image