Help Capture -Drag Drop Captured Items

When you are writing a tutorial you will want to use a combination of images and text. Drag Drop Captured Items makes available both an image, and all sorts of texts which you can use in your tutorial:

  • Control captions
  • Control values
  • Tooltips
  • Shortcut keys

Suppose you want to describe how to change the border of a table. After ....


menu help capture

  1. Start Help Capture either
    • through the Help Capture tray menu
      1. In the tray, click on Help Capture.
      2. The menu appears
      3. Select 'Image to Clipboard'
    • or press the corresponding hotkey (Alt F10).
    A red rectangle appears indicating the currently selected area, which equals the window your mouse cursor currently is above.
  2. Select capture area.
    1. Move the mouse to select a window which equals the area you want to capture. selected area
    2. If necessary because the window does not exactly match the area you want to capture, drag the borders
  3. Capture by pressing the [PrtScn] button on the keyboard
  4. Now you see the Capture viewer, with a picture and all the underlying properties of the items on the picture. You can check/uncheck what you want and drag-drop what and how often you want. capture viewer of Help Capture
  5. This is the result when drag-dropped the item 'Full Screen Reading' on a Word document.

    capture viewer with drag-drop captured items
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