Help Generator Add-In

The Help Generator Add-in makes topic pages - like this one - for each for in your application. Each form has one or more images - with image map - and control sections corresponding. In addition the Help Generator creates a sitemap page forms.htm which lists the generated forms, and it adds items to the help project table of contents (.hhc).

Starting the Help Generator Add-In

To start the Help Generator Add-In:

  1. Open the project you want to add help and documentation to
  2. On the menu: Tools > Help Generator
    The Help Generator Add-In dialog (below) appears.
  3. The dialog leads you through the relevant choices:
    1. Where to add generated files
    2. Browser Based Help Support
    3. Link Help to your Application
  4. After pressing OK the Help Generator creates the files as required.

Where to add generated files Browser Based Help Support Link Help to your Application OK Cancel Help


Where to add generated files

This section makes it possible to generate files both for help projects (existing or new), or just to  you generate topic files without further ado in a selected folder.

Existing Help Project Drop in Folder WhereToGenerate btnWhereToGenerate New Help Project ...

Existing Help Project

Select this if you want generated files to be included in an existing help project.

Drop in Folder

Select this if you just want generated files.

Where to generate

The textbox should contain the path to the help project or folder where the generated files are to be added.

New Help Project ...

Press this button to start with a new help project. This will open the New Project Wizard. After completing the wizard you continue with the Help Generator Add-In dialog.

Browser Based Help Support

Without the javascript, generated files will only contain HTML describing the form. With javascript in place it will open in a frame page. The Help Generator authoring software automatically makes such a page available with as default name help.htm.

Add Javascript to generated pages to open in frame page Frame Page btnShowJavascript

Add Javascript to generated pages to open in frame page

Check 'Add javascript ...' if you want to make the pages available on your website.

Frame Page

You can use a different frame page (name) is you like - specify the one you want to use here.

Show Javascript

The button Show Javascript opens the script that will be added to your page in Notepad. You can make changes and save these, if you like.

Link Help to your Application

One of the great features of the Help Generator Add-In is it can automatically link the generated topic pages to your application forms giving you contentc sensitive help.

Automatically add Help Provider settings and code to your application Compiled Help (CHM) Browser Based Help CHM file or Web Help Folder btnSelect

Automatically add Help Provider settings and code to your application

Check 'Automatically add Help Provider ...' if you want to make use of the automated linking feature.

Choose either to have the help provider open a compiled help file or browser (web) based help.

Compiled Help (CHM)

Fast searchable help in the standard windows help viewer. Requires you to distribute the chm file with your application setup.

Browser Based Help

Our  browser based help solution is written to make as many features available from windows help as possible. Browser based help Relieves you from the obligation tpo distribute a help file. You just add it as a sub folder of your website.

CHM file or Web Help Folder

In this textbox you specify the name of the chm file - without path, or the website help sub folder url.