Introducing Help Capture

The Help Capture tool is one of the most distinguishing features of the Help Generator software. Its 'Generate Document' lets you get a complete topic page describing the captured area, including screenshot, image map and descriptive sections for each control in the captured area. The captured image and html-file can be (semi-)automatically named and stored in the correct locations. You control what items are included in the generated document.

From the ribbon,

A capture can be started in two ways:

  1. From the ribbon: tab Insert, group Capture 
  2. From the system tray

Generate Document

Generate Document captures screen and text and put it in a new document.
Pressing the button gives a red rectangle which you can put around the area you want to describe. Pressing the Print Screen key, Prt Scr, generates the document. Press Esc to cancel.

Resize - move the cursor to the midst of the lines. As soon as you see the arrow you can change the format.

Drag Drop Captured Items

Generate a captured area with pictures, objects, texts and places this on the right side of your page in the capture viewer. You can select and drag drop the items you need into the document. Once finished, close the Capture Viewer

Capture Image

Generate just a picture of the area you capture and places it directly into your document. It is saved in the images folder and from there reusable.