Converting existing help projects

This section explains how you can get started with the Help Editor if your help project is not HTML Help (.hhp).


Decompiling a help file (.chm)

This is an easy solution if you have a chm file, but not the sources. Decompiling the help file involves copying the files in a compiled help file to a directory that you specify.

To decompile a help file

  1. Close the Help Editor.
  2. Open HTML Help Workshop
  3. On the File menu, click Decompile.
  4. In the Destination folder box, enter the name of the folder where you want the decompiled files to be copied.
  5. In the Compiled help file box, enter the name of the compiled help (.chm) file you want to decompile.

Convert a WinHelp project (.hpj) to an HTML Help project

You can use the Help Editor to convert existing WinHelp projects. When you convert a WinHelp project to an HTML Help project, the HTML Help Workshop's New Project Wizard converts the WinHelp project (.hpj) file to an HTML Help project (.hhp) file, the WinHelp topic (.rtf) files to HTML Help topic (.htm, .html) files, the WinHelp contents (.cnt) files to HTML Help contents (.hhc) files, and the WinHelp index to an HTML Help index (.hhk) files.

  1. Close the Help Editor.
  2. Open HTML Help Workshop.
  3. On the File menu, click New, and then click Project.
  4. Select the Convert WinHelp project check box, and then click Next.
  5. Specify the location of the existing help project (.hpj) file you want to convert.
  6. Specify a location and name for the new HTML Help project you are creating, click Next, and then click Finish.
  • All the files referenced by the existing help (.hpj) file must be in the locations specified or the conversion process will fail.
  • HTML Help Workshop converts only complete projects organized in a WinHelp project file. It will not convert individual or multiple topic files.
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