The Help Project Wizard

The Help Project Wizard helps you set up a new help project. When it is finished you will have all HTML Help Project files and supporting files like style sheet and templates available in the project folder. In addition the most important setting will have been set such as Title, Language and Font.

If you are creating a help system for an application programmed in  Visual Studio, Classic VB6 or Microsoft Access, use Help Generator Add-In for that platform to have content pages automatically generated for the user interface and integrated to get context sensitive help.

The following walks through the steps on completing the wizard. Before starting the Help Project Wizard close any open project.

  1. Start the Help Project Wizard
    On Backstage (= tab File ) press New and click New Project

    welcome screen

    The Welcome screen explains what the wizard is about to do.
    To continue, click Next.

    new help project
  2. Specify help project title which appears in the title bar

    help project name 

    Adapt the Help project name - which is the name to be used with the .hhp, .hhc, hhk and .compile help chm file.
    Accept the default folder to store your chm file in, or select a more suitable location using the [Browse] button.
    If you will be publishing your help on a website, select a sub folder of the local version of your website.
  3. Select the language of your targeted audience

  4. Optionally select the font to use in your help project. If you don't select a font it will use the default font. With non-western languages you will probably want to select a suitable font.

After pressing finish the help project is set up and opened for you to start working with it.