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The following block formats are available from the Style list, the list is longer than on the picture above:

Normal (=Paragraph): A grouping of sentences. Paragraphs are defined with the <p> tag.

in html: <pre>Formatted</pre>

Change Styles


predefined style for address, with <address> tags

Further are available : styles for lists or definition.

Heading 1 (...6): - of a section.

  1. Numbered List: defined with the <ol> tag.
Definition Term

Definition list

The definition list is a type of list that is often overlooked. It may be used as a glossary or dictionary, but more in general as a name/value pair. Any time you have a list of items where you want one item matched with one or more other items, you should use a definition list (rather than an unordered list). A definition list is so-called because it is a list of terms with their associated definitions. It consists of three tags rather than two:

This opens and closes the list. This is similar to the <ol> and <ul> tags for numbered and bulleted lists.
This is the definition term.
This is the definition.

Changing the css

You can change styleproperties in the css in Projectfolder/css. Or link to an external style sheet.

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