Check Spelling dialog

To start the spell checker:

If a possible misspelling is found, the spell checker indicates that word by turning it's background black and opens above dialog.

Not in dictionary

Shows a word in the text found by the spelling checker which is not present in the dictionary.

Ignore Once

Press push button Ignore Once if you don't want to correct the word here, but also don't want to have it added to the dictionary.


Press push button Change to have the word in the document changed to the word in the Change To textbox.

Change All

Press push button Change All to have all words in the document changed to the word  in the Change To textbox.

Ignore All

Press push button Ignore All


List of suggestions for correcting the found miss-spelled word. Clicking on one of the items select it and fills the Change To textbox.

Add to Dictionary

Press push button Add to Dictionary to have the value in the Not in dictionary box added to the dictionary.


Here you can select another language to spell check. If the appropriate dictionary was not yet installed, the dialog below will pop up.

Language Not Installed Form