Topic templates


You can create HTML topic templates to reduce the amount of time it takes to create each topic file and to enhance consistency. A topic template is an HTML file that contains all the font, style, heading, and design elements you use most frequently. Topic templates can be used as the basis for all the content in your help system or Web site.

Design your templates to contain all the basic elements a help author will need to create a specific topic type. For example, in an information system containing many overview topics, you can create an Overview template that contains all the basic style and design elements, in addition to boilerplate text.

Example topic templates

When you create a new help project, a \templates sub folder is added to your project folder, containing example topic templates. You are encouraged to adapt them to your project's standards.

Creating a topic template

To create a topic template

  1. Create an HTML file and add the sample text, fields, tables, forms, and other design elements that all the files of this type should contain.
  2. Save the file in the \templates subfolder of the help project folder.

Editing a topic template

  1. In the Project Folder, open the  \templates sub folder.
  2. Open the template you want to change
You can reduce the time it takes to create individual help files or Web pages by distributing the templates to all the authors working on a help system or Web site.
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