Working with bookmarks

How to:

Bookmarks enable you to link to a specific location in a help topic from within the same topic, or from another file.

Insert a bookmark

  1. Put the cursor at the position you want to Bookmark. Optionally select text, which will be used as starting point for the bookmark name
  2. On the Insert tab, in the Links group, Press push button Bookmark  
  3. Enter or edit the bookmark name and press the [OK] button.

The bookmark is added. If you selected text this will appear as underlined.

  • Choosing a good bookmark name will make it easier to find when linking to it.
  • Selecting text at the position you want to Bookmark will be used will save you time thinking of and typing bookmark name.

Link to a bookmark within the same file

After inserting a bookmark at a position in your HTML file, you can link to it:

  1. Type the link text
  2. Select the link text
  3. On the Insert tab, in the Links group, select from 'Hyperlink' popup the Hyperlink to Local Bookmark menu item.
    The Select Bookmark dialog appears.
    Select Bookmark
  4. Select the bookmark you want to link to and press [OK].
    You can also double-click the selected item.
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