How to Capture a Window

You start the Help Capture from the menu in the tray (bottom-right position of the screen), and select the type of result you want: 'Generate Document, Drag Drop Captured Items, etcetera'. (This is somewhat different from other capture programs. )

  1. Click on the Help Capture icon in Windows System Tray - or use keyboard shortcut.

    Help Capture in Windows System Tray

    The Help Capture menu pops up.
    help capture menu  
    Help Capture menu
  2. Select the type of result you want, e.g. Generate Document.
    A border appears above the window where the mouse cursor currently is located. Now:
  3. Move cursor to indicate initial capture position.
    Move it to a window area that closest corresponds to the area you want to capture.
    select area to capture
    Drag right red border to change captured area
  4. (Optional) Drag borders: refine area you want to capture
    Hover above the border you want to drag so that the mouse icon appearance changes to a drag arrow . Now drag the border to where it seems fit. You can change all borders this way. For example, hovering above the Font combo box would select that area (control window) only. If you want to include a description of Font Size, you can drag the right red border so it gets included.
  5. To finish, press the [PrtScn] button on your keyboard to capture selected area
    or press [Esc] to abort capture.

The selected result (Generate Document or ...) appears.

Don't show this again

This dialog appears every time you do a capture until you check the "Don't show this again" checkbox.

Remark: Other Capture programs let you select a type of area, because they only know one type of result, a screen image

Help Capture