Change size screenshots are captured with (Resize)

A disadvantage with using screenshots in help texts is that they can take much space and have a negative influence on the readability of the text. To reduce this negative effect it is useful to make the screenshots somewhat smaller.

When you first installed the program, screenshots you made were automatically resized to 80% or made to fit a maximum of 640 x 480.

How new size is determined

The new size is determined as follows:

  1. If values are not specified, there is no resizing
  2. If Maximum is set (>0), for either width or height - or both - it is tested if the image is not too large. If it is, a resize R1 (height (h1), width (w1)) is calculated which will result in the image meeting the maximum size requirement,
  3. If Resize (%) was specified, a resize R2 (height (h2), width(w2)) is calculated.
  4. If both R1 and R2 exists, the 'smallest of the two resizes' is applied to the image, els the R that exists is applied.

Max height (px):

The screenshot will have a maximum height of ...

Example value: 480

Max width (px):

The screenshot will have a maximum width of ...

Example value: 640

Resize (%):

Resize (%):

The screenshot will be resized by ...%.

Example value: 80

Options - finetuning the capture behavior