Options - HTML Output

The great thing in Help Capture of course is having a html page generated reflecting what was in the captured area. Here we show what you can do to control what actually appears on the page after Generate Document and on the Drag Drop Captured Items dialog


See also: localizing the roles.xml file

Select HTML Template:

The location of the template GenerateDocument.htm. Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Help Generator\projectfolder\templates\generate\GenerateDocument.htm

Editing GenerateDocument.htm

You can edit this template to add (or remove!) text, or one or more bookmarks, or change positions of items displayed. You can choose any of the following bookmarks [...] to add to this HTML template.

In the <header> section

[keywords] : adds <meta name="keywords" content="keyword 1, keyword 2, ..."> in the <header> section.

The keywords are obtained from the control sections it found.

  • Keywords added like this are often not useful.
  • The keywords in the HTML header are not automatically added to the help index of your help project.

In the <body> section

[topsection]: <h1> filled with what was found as the top window caption.

[controlsectionslist]: an unordered list of links to bookmarked sections

[controlsections]: Sections corresponding to the hierarchy of controls on a form. The highest level control is <h2 class=hgc>Control Caption</h2> where style class hgc is defined in css/style.css (help generator control)

[image]: <img> with href to location of captured image

[imagewithmap]: <img> (as above) with image map

Include Extra Texts

Control what actually appears inside the sections on the generated page.

List of items appearing in the sections - in order of appearance.

This is the order in which the extra text items are inserted in the page sections.

You can change the items on the list using the buttons at the bottom: Add, Edit and Delete.

adding an extra text item

If you press the Add button, a textbox appears. Here you can enter any text you like, including html tags and captured string as available in the dropdown

What's the checkbox for?

Each item in the listbox is preceded by a checkbox. This feature is allows the 'Drag Drop Captured Items' dialog to show additional elements as compared to what is put in the sections in 'Generate Document'.

Available where/when: checked not checked
Generated Document yes no
Drag Drop Captured Items dialog yes yes

For example, in the above image you see the Shortcut: ... item unchecked. This causes the text not to appear in the generated document'. However it will be available in the 'Drag Drop Captured Items' dialog.