Options - finetuning the capture behavior

The Options dialog gives you many ways to finetune the capture behavior. Click navigation images on the left bar to jump to the correct settings page.


Select project

The [Select] button at the bottom of the Options dialog allows you to use the settings of a help project. It starts the file selection dialog to browse for the Project Options file (.hproj) located in your project folder - assuming you created your help project with the Help Editor.

Capture Actions

Storing Files

Options for storing files concern


Set the Image editor or HTML editor to use when an image is captured or document is generated. If none is specified mspaint.exe (Paint) and htmleditor.exe are used.

HTML Output

Change the information that is picked up during a capture, what will be displayed in the generated document, what is available from Drag Drop Captured Items.


Here you can enter the license you bought.

Help Capture