Options for storing files


On this page you will set everything related to files created during the capture:

Root folder:

All documents and images are stored in this folder, or a subfolder of this folder. See Texts Folder and Images folder.

You can use the Select Folder button to browse for the root folder.

In the Root folder dropdown you will find previously selected root folders, which makes it easy to switch between projects.

Storing Images

Here you can specify where and in which format image files are stored.

Images folder:

A common place to store screenshots is in the Images sub folder of the root folder.

Save screenshot images as:

Here you set which file type to store the image in. Supported are:

A modern format used on the web is Portable Network Graphics (*.png), which is the default.

Storing Texts

Here you can specify where and in which format text files are stored.

Text files folder:

Often the text files will be stored in the root folder, in which case the value is empty.

Save text as:

Determine which file format captured descriptions should be stored in. Default: HTML (*.htm), Alternative: Xml.

File name:

The expression the user sets predetermines the filename to store the text - and image - under. You could just write 'screenshot', but that is very uninformative. Instead, we propose to use [Top Object Name], which is the default. This makes the program pick up the value of the outmost window in the captured area. For example if the caption of  a form is Options, it will (propose to) use Options as the filename. Alternative (sub)expressions are in any combinations

Automatic name

Files can be stored under a name set in File name, with or without user intervention. By user intervention is meant that the user has to OK the Save As dialog when a capture is done. The advantage is that this allows him to improve the predetermined filename. The initial setting is without user intervention - to simplify things when starting to use the program. After some time you will probably switch to  'with user intervention / Save As dialog', which gives more control.

Options - finetuning the capture behavior