Drag Drop Captured Items


'Drag Drop Captured Items' lets you selectively pick up texts from a captured area and drop them on you text editor (HTML editor, Word, anything that supports drag and drop). This gives you additional control compared with Generate Document. Use it for:

'Drag Drop Captured Items' is a tool that takes some practice to use. You will have to get used to

Captured windows and extra texts represented in a tree

There is a natural hierarchy in texts picked up which is represented in the tree. First, there is forms, which contain controls, which may in turn contain other controls. At the bottom you will find the extra texts.

Help Capture uses the ordering to automatically determine the <H> (HTML header level associated with the form and controls:

As you can see in the blue area in the screenshot above, when you hover a node, the node turns blue, and shows the content of the subsumed nodes, including their formatting. This is what will be dropped on the text editor during drag drop.

Changing what texts gets picked up

Change the information that is picked up during a capture.

Use of the checkboxes

The meaning of the checkboxes will not be directly evident.

Changing the HTML code of dropped nodes

Right-clicking on a node you can change the applied formatting on the node, e.g. change <h2> to <p> or <ul>.

Reposition items in the tree using drag drop

As explained above, the <h> numbering is determined by the hierarchical position in the tree. It may be handy to regroup using drag and drop to

Help Capture