Help Screen Capture software

Generate help pages - images and text - from your application at run-time

With Help Screen Capture you can generate a complete HTML page describing your software application forms - see example. The Help Screen Capture is useful for:

  • Making software user documentation
  • Writing Help texts
  • Capturing what needs to be made when redesigning an existing piece of software


  • Customize the HTML output to control what information gets captured in the generated document
  • Capture the whole screen, or any part of it
  • Add explanatory texts, comments and other content to the prefabricated sections
  • Automatically store and name captured document and image
  • Capture in just a few keystrokes

Examples how to...

The example below is the Access Options Form captured with Help Screen Capture. What you see is the resulting HTML page which is usable as a start for further editing.


Example: captured help page in html editor - click to open captured help page in html editor

features that make help generator such a productive help authoring tool Great Productivity

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Use on individual pages:
Generate Document to generate individual topic pages.
Drag and Drop Captured Items

Alternatively, scan and generate help topics from the application sources in one go using the Help Generator add-in.